Andros island is located in the Cyclades archipelago in the aegean sea. A destination notorious for its abundance of natural beauty, rich shipping history through time and historical landmarks, Andros makes a perfect destination to visit all year round. Distanced only two hours away from Athens by ferry it is one of the closest islands to the Greek capital.



    This monastery lies in the northern side of mount Gerakones. It is built with rocks which makes it look like an old fortress. In its sacred walls it houses the miraculous icon of the Holy Virgin Mary and the skull of Saint Panteleimon. The monastery’s history dates back to 960 AD.

    This castle represents the island’s biggest medieval city and it was built by the Venetians as protection from the Pirates. The local myth wants it that an old lady centuries ago, in her attempt to escape from some Pirates that were hunting her she jumped off the cliff and that’s where the beach was named after. The name translates to “ The Jump of The Old Lady”.

    A monument built in honor of all the sailors that ever lost their life in the sea. Andros is an island of great importance in Greece’s maritime history. The place where now one can see the statue of the Sailor it was once a home that during the second world war it was bombarded by the Germans and the family who owned it gave away to the municipality of Andros. Many years later it was decided to dedicate this area to those “who never made it back home”. The sculpture is a creation of one of Greece’s most famous artists Michael Tompro (1959).

    This church was initially built in 1780 by two monks. In 1833 Othonas, king of Greece at the time, ordered for all churches and monasteries that were solely male or female to be taken down. Approximately a thousand churches and monasteries were taken down and the government took ownership of the locations and all of their riches. In 2006 shipowner Eleftherios Polemis bought all 13 hectare and within ten years him and his family rebuilt the church as we see it today. In the holy premises of the church on can find the miraculous holy painings of Saint Irene and Saint Irene Chrisovalanto.

    A magnificent one hour drive from Gavrio to the location of Vori is required for one to see the breathtaking shipwreck of Semiramis. It was built in 1975 and was used to transport 14.600 tons of merchandise, mostly petroleum, agrochemicals and industrial machinery. In July 25th of 1990 the ship caught fire and was abandoned to the location we see today.


  • Agios Petros, Chrissi Ammos and Agios Kyprianos are three beaches quite well know located one next to another on the way from Gavrio to Batsi.
  • Batsi Beach is considered to be the village’s main bay.
  • Tis Grias to Pidima is Andros’ most famous beach! Right bellow the castle of Faneromeni and surrounded by a 15 meters high rock makes the scenery breath taking.
  • Piso Giala, a nice beach between Hora and Stenies. It is very well known as it has many taverns around the area.
  • Fellos is a unique large pebble beach located in Gavrio. It’s unique beauty along with its quietness makes it a perfect location for a relaxing swim.
  • Paraporti is located on the right of the road on your way to Hora. It has easy access and it is a good place for a quick swim if you’re running on a tight schedule.

An important note to keep in mind : some of Andros’ best beaches are only accessible by 4x4, boat or on foot. Such beaches are the beaches of Achla, Vori, Vitali or Zorkos, located North East of Hora and they are all more than worthy to visit.